Hietajärvi 2020:0057

Meri Hietala and Tuulia Kasonen

Art, environment, human.

We saw that an area was reserved to potentially mine copper, nickel and cobolt. We started to follow and make the rhizomes of this phenomenon. From this site you can see some of our artistic process and add to the rhizome. Welcome! 

MeTässä Diary

Chronological view. What happens now and all of the yesterdays. Thougths and feelings.

What is Metässä

Technical view. Hietajärvi 2020:0057 area data. Numbers, documents, artistic statements and all that fun!

Sounds and looks like Metässä

Categorical view. Videos, images and sounds of MeTässä Project.

About us

Meri Hietala and Tuulia Kasonen are artists living in Vihtari, Eastern Finland. This blog is a rhizomatic gathering of MeTässä Hietajärvi 2020:0057 -project. 

We do not have answers, only questions and paths that follow those questions. Who owns the land? Do we survive without mining? Where is the correct place to mine? How do our belief systems guide us to treat environment? What is happening? No, really! What is this thing and what is us, human, nature, environment, spirit, god? Let's follow and make rhizomes!

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