20.-22.8.2021 Returns and rendezvous


We returned to the Suuri Pääsiäinen lake and Hietajärvi lake to visit the spirits mirrors. How to relate with the rock spirits? One way to go about is to plan your trip terribly, make a trip when it rains and stop on your way to chat and chill with tea in the forest. Arrive to the destination when it is dark, take photos with flash and awaken the spirits. Hurry back home feeling little awkward. Look at the pictures. Find out that the spirits were in you and also in the pictures. 

In the morning the neighbor offered us a pike they had fished from the Pieni-Vihtari lake. Part of the lake and half of the historical burial ground island Kalmosaari are inside the reserved mining area. We accepted the pike and took care of the entirety of the fish. We wondered how old is the pike, perhaps 4 years old, and how many times it had possibly been swimming around the Kalmosaari? We enjoyed the delicious full moon dinner composed of pike files, mushrooms we picked earlier the day with some potatoes and broccoli.

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