5.-6.3.2021 First encounters


It is impossible to pinpoint where this project started. Maybe it was when Meri called Tuulia and said that your neighborhood is at risk and Tuulia said that she wants to be like Amnesty (not to take action on areas that are close). Maybe it started when we first heard about the need to renew Finland´s mining policies. Maybe the project started when Meri and Tuulia  played artistically with ageing, unfired clay and traces.

Anyhow, the project was started. Looking at the maps we traced the area and wanted to feel it first-hand. First encounter 5.3.2021 was a timid pull on the side of the road. We saw the area but it was impossible to reach. Meri played some bullroarer (in Finnish "pärrä" or "suhistuspuu") and we talked.

6.3.2021 we walked across Pieni Vihtari lake that was frozen and headed to Kalmosaari. Snow and wind made the trip extreme and beautiful. We stopped to eat at a small island near Kalmosaari and gave food offerings to the spirits of Kalmosaari (this island is an actual burial ground). The reserved mining area line goes over Kalmosaari. 

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