18.2.2023 Multimedia installation premiere sharing to public


We had amazing possibility to work on with MeTässä in the Old Mine Residency in Outokumpu, North Carelia, while Meri was there as resident artist during January and February. The copper sculpture "kupari kidus" got more rustic details and in a way returned home to its material origins - temporarely thought. The Old Mine Residency allowed us to explore various ways to install the sculpture together with the AV-work, and we also got to film new materials in the museum tunnels. We presented the process of the multimedia installation in Karbidi hall for the public, and it was such a priviledge to do this prior our Taidekeskus Ahjo´s exhibition in Joensuu in March! Interesting discussions followed our approx 25 minutes AV-piece amongs the audience - to be continued!

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